About NGM

 About Noord Geldersch Metaal

Noord Geldersch Metaal is a non-profit organisation in a province in the Netherlands which is called Gelderland. The organisation of Noord Geldersch Metaal tries to keep the Dutch metal spirit alive by organising concerts and festivals. Most of these concerts are held in a venue called Estrado that is situated in Harderwijk, close to the centre of the Netherlands. Besides musical activities we also are available for starting bands who wants advice, or other organisations who need advice on how to organise concerts or festivals within the metalscene. Noord Geldersch Metaal found there existence long ago in a local hardrock/metal bar were a group of friends discussed the local metalscene and decided it was time to organise the local scene and to organise some gigs for metalbands as there were at that time almost no metalgigs in the area. And so we did with great succes, first the concerts were hosted at the local hardrock/metalbar Fred & Ed from 2002 to 2005. From 2005 till 2008 our concerts were hosted at the Underground in Lelystad a small town nearby Harderwijk. In the same period we also started at a local youthcentre in Ermelo to organise small gigs on a regular basis for local/regional bands. As the crisis came the amount of visitors dropped and we had to search a new location. In a few years time we saw different locations in the centre of Harderwijk, but the truth is we were not very happy as the locations had to many constraints for us. Somewhere around 2009/2010 we got a deal with Estrado and started organising metalgigs there. We had some very hard years during the crisis, but we never gave up hope, and started many new initiatives. Because Estrado had just started around that time Noord Geldersch Metaal was very welcome as we brought in several years of expertise with organising bandgigs and festivals. The formula over the years has changed very much, but the main goals always stayed the same. We just want to contribute to the metalscene by giving the bands a stage to perform.

Noord Geldersch Metaal is run by volunteers, that means that no-one earns a thing with organising gigs. No fuel-costs, no telephone bills nothing. Just the will of organising and having a good time together as it is always fun to see each other again, and we make plenty of time free to make jokes about and with each other. We do everything for the bands. And by having our soundsystem we can keep overhead costs at a very low level so that all the money that comes in can go the bands that are playing.

Noord Geldersch Metaal is also a legal organisation protected by law, and therefore we also have goals who are written down in an official document. These goals are:

  • Organising activities to promote the local metalscene
  • Promoting local metalbands
  • Organising concerts/festivals
  • Organising BBQ’s and other stimulating activities to improve contacts between fans
  • Promoting contacts between bands and fans
  • Promoting regional, national and international metalbands
  • Working on a location were local metalheads can meet each other and drink a beer together

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